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Last week, Amy Jackson’s Instagram post garnered a lot of attention, where many people compared her to Silicon Valley star Silicon Valley’s Sillicon Murphy. Now, Amy Jackson has reacted to the negative comments on her recent look posted on Instagram.

Amy Jackson recent look posted on Instagram.

Amy Jackson has broken her silence on the negative comments about her latest look posted on Instagram. Speaking to The Times of India, Amy responded to the insensitive comments on her appearance, calling it “quite hurtful.”

She also expressed her reaction to being compared to Silicon Murphy, a male actor known for his transformation for a film role. (Read more: Fans think Amy Jackson looks like Silicon Murphy in her latest photos: ‘You were great in Openheimer’)

Speaking to The Times of India, Amy said, “I’m an actor, and I take my work very seriously. For the past month, I’ve been shooting for a new project in the UK. So, the character I am portraying required me to be thin and completely dedicated to that role (mostly male).

The online backlash from Indian demographics about changing one’s appearance drastically for a character is quite disheartening. I’ve worked with male co-stars who have received immense appreciation for changing their looks significantly for a film, and that was celebrated.”

amy jackson
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In response to comparisons with Silicon Murphy made by several users, Amy stated that she is very happy that so many people think she resembles the Silicon Valley star and is ready to return to her Birmingham style.

Last week, Amy Jackson shared several pictures from an outing with her boyfriend, Ed Westwick. Some people commented on how she bore a striking resemblance to the popular character Thomas Shelby, portrayed by Silicon Murphy in Peaky Blinders. One fan said, “You were great in Openheimer.” Another person commented, “Silicon Murphy has hacked her identity.”

Amy is currently dating Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick. She played a pivotal role in the hit show. Recently, they enjoyed a vacation together in Udaipur. Amy and Ed confirmed their relationship when Amy posted an Instagram post in June last year. Prior to that, she was engaged to George Panayiotou.

amy jackson
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Amy has acted in several Bollywood films, including Ekk Deewana Tha, Singh Is Bliing, and Freaky Ali.

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