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Actress Angelica Ross has openly discussed alleged discrimination and transphobia by her former co-star Emma Roberts.

Angelica Ross American Horror Story

In the American Horror Story, a famous actress known for her roles, Ross, has revealed her experiences working with her former co-star Emma Roberts and the alleged discrimination and transphobia she faced.

In an Instagram Live video, Ross shared an incident that occurred while they were working together. She mentioned a confrontation that happened when a person named John made a grab during a conversation.

Ross explained, “And John says, ‘Alright, ladies, that’s enough. Let’s get back to work.’ And then he looks at me and says, ‘You’re not a lady, are you?’ I’m looking at him on camera like, ‘What did you just say?'”

Ross admitted that at the time, she remained silent about the incident because she was worried that people might perceive her as a problem. When she tried to address Roberts’ comment later, she felt her blood boil.

“So we do the scene together, and I never talked to her. She could feel the energy, though. She would say, ‘Are you okay?’ And I’d be like, ‘Hmm. Don’t blame me. You’re playing mind games with everyone on set,'” Ross explained.

Angelica Ross joined the cast of “American Horror Story” in its ninth season, making history as the first transgender actress to secure regular roles in two seasons. She portrayed characters like Donna Chambers and The Chemist in subsequent seasons.

Angelica Ross
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Ross also shared her experience with a seven-year deal with FX, which initially promised her a return for season 11 of “AHS” but didn’t follow through. This led her to turn down an opportunity with Marvel due to FX’s delay in her release. Emma Roberts has not publicly responded to Ross’s allegations as of now.

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