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After Chapter 368, Black Clover seems to be sinking into darkness once again. But this time, the creators have revealed the final release date for its return. Below is a comprehensive overview encompassing all the essential details you should be aware of regarding this matter.

Anime is certainly bringing some of the most surprising and intriguing news of the year. The biggest shift has been in the realm of Black Clover. Previously, Bleach had returned and delighted many fans, and now, new information about Black Clover is making waves on the internet. It turns out that the manga will no longer opt for weekly serialization before its final arc. So, when is the manga making a comeback with Chapter 396? Here’s everything about the hiatus and its return.

Why is the Black Clover manga taking a break?

Fans of Black Clover have had to face a mix of excitement and uncertainty as the manga series was heading into its final battle arc, promising intense action and epic showdowns. Bearing the label ‘Pinnacle of the Saga: Asta vs.’ Yuno vs. Nacht vs. Morris! Mimosa vs. Morris! Noelle vs. Zenon!!”, the upcoming concluding story arc is expected to be a thrilling conclusion. However, a significant change in the series’ publication has brought about a disruption and reshuffling.

Black Clover Manga
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The news of Black Clover’s shift from Weekly Shonen Jump came alongside the release of Chapter 368. While the exact reason for this change remains unknown, the creators confirmed that starting from Chapter 369, the manga will no longer be featured in Weekly Shonen Jump. Instead, it will be showcased in the companion magazine, Jump GIGA. What’s special about this magazine is that it publishes a chapter every week. This shift has raised questions about the frequency of chapter releases, as Jump GIGA, contrary to its predecessor, is published every three months.

When will Black Clover Chapter 369 return?

According to ANN, the new chapter of Black Clover is set to release in the winter of 2023. That’s December 2023. As of the time of writing, the exact date for GIGA Jump’s final release hasn’t been revealed. VIZ Media will continue distributing digital chapters. As soon as they come out, we’ll ensure to update this section with relevant information.

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