Blue Lock Chapter 237

Blue Lock Chapter 237: Hiroyi’s Final Shot Against Isagi – What We Know So Far

In this ‘Blue Lock Chapter 237’, Hiroyi will make headlines and tell us the outcome of his shot!

Blue Lock Chapter 237: Recap of the Previous Chapter and What to Expect Next?

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The title of the last chapter of Blue Lock was ‘Goodbye.’ The chapter began with Hiroyi’s attempt to score a goal. However, Sendoh intercepted his shot and blocked the entire play. This is where the story takes a twist, unfolding in a monologue inside Hiroyi’s mind.

It’s about how he believes he wasn’t meant to be a football player in his first attempt. His mind was more occupied with how Isagi was stopping him from achieving his dreams.

As the chapter progressed towards its conclusion, we saw that Yukimiya, Raichi, and Baru were also here to test their luck in the game. By the end of the outing, Hiroyi decided not to let Isagi score a goal in his position. However, the chapter didn’t reveal who managed to score the goal.

It will be intriguing to see what the outcome turns out to be. Blue Lock Chapter 237, titled ‘Center of the World,’ will focus on the dispute between Isagi and Hiroyi and reveal how it concludes.

Blue Lock Chapter 237: Expected Release Date and Reading Details

Since the original Blue Lock was only released in a raw format in the Japanese language, international release dates may vary. Blue Lock Chapter 237 is expected to be released on Sunday, October 15, 2023 [Tentative]. The chapter is published in the Pocket Shonen magazine. Any updates or changes will be mentioned in this section.

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