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Readers are excitedly anticipating the role of debate in the chapters that will follow the next Chainsaw Man Chapter 140, which is just around the horizon. Read on for details about the storyline.

In the previous chapter, Sword Man undeniably stole the show. Denji was left perplexed by this new antagonist, as his character turned out to be completely different from what was expected. With Chainsaw Man Chapter 140 releasing this week, fans are hopeful to see what twists and turns Denji’s love story might take. But just now, Denji and Power’s interaction is what the plot is most concerned with. Here is all the information you need to know about them, including their struggles following their partnership with Makima.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 140
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Chainsaw Man Chapter 140: What to Expect Next?

From the last chapter, it was revealed that Makima was actually Sword Man, and after several tragic events, he transformed into a sword-wielding figure. Later, Miri and Denji’s encounter also takes place at school. Outside, Miri reveals that she has formed an alliance with the Hybrid Church, which is offering Denji a high position. Denji’s friends, Aki and Power, challenge this idea. Later in the chapter, Miri questions Denji whether this was the right call and whether he should join them late.

However, Denji cherished his freedom a bit too much, and he didn’t get involved in this endeavor. As a result, Miri becomes thoroughly disappointed. Along with this, the next chapter will shed light on Miri’s attempt to bring Denji into her organization. Now that she has rejected the peaceful proposal, she can forcefully ask him to be a part of it. There’s potential for dynamics to develop between Miri, Denji, and the Church, potentially revealing more about the Church’s motives and Denji’s role in the hybrid world. It will be intriguing to see what role the Church will play in this story.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 140: Release Date and Where to Read

Chainsaw Man Chapter 140
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The good news is that the publication of the following chapter won’t be delayed. The forthcoming chapter’s publication date has already been made public. So, the next chapter is coming on August 23, 2023. All manga chapters will be available for free exclusively on the official pages of VIZ Media and MangaPlus.

After raw scans and spoilers come out, we’ll make sure to update this section.

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