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Sunday, July 30, 2023, 9:00 PM EST – AMC Dark Winds Season 2 presents the highly anticipated Season 2 premiere. Based on Tony Hillerman’s acclaimed book series ‘Leaphorn and Chee,’ the crime thriller takes place in the mysterious underworld of the 1970s Navajo Nation, bringing captivating stories of intrigue to the screen. Zane MacLaren and Kiowa Gordon return as central investigators, teaming up with Leaphorn and Jim Chee, offering a thrilling and enigmatic experience that will captivate audiences with its intriguing narrative.

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Dark Winds Season 2 Review

Dark Winds Season 2 is like no other show, anywhere. But that’s not the only reason you should tune into AMC’s fantastic and well-executed police drama. It features some fantastic stories set in fascinating circumstances with characters that often feel otherworldly. In Season Two, Dark Winds wastes no time getting things moving. A new villain, new dilemmas, new characters, and an incredible film noir thriller are all present in its DNA.

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Based on Tony Hillerman’s bestselling novel ‘People of Darkness,’ the series centers around a remote area of the Navajo Nation in 1971, where the Smoky Mountain valley provides a picturesque backdrop. Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn (Zahn McClarnon from Westworld and Reservation Dogs) returns, this time facing a major problem that hits close to home. Leaphorn, a tribal police officer, is joined by Jessica Matt (played by Jessica Matten), while Kiowa Gordon’s Jim Chee works as a private investigator. The show also features Devery Jacobs, A. Martinez, and Alva Guerra.

In a fresh twist, Dark Winds Season 2 Two wraps up some of the excesses of its previous year and heads towards a more straightforward direction. There is a villain (whom we know) and a man whose unpredictability is evident at every turn. The opening sequence, shot in impressive black and white – a device that often works in season two – finds Leaphorn and Matt confronting an enemy in the desert. The show then goes several days back, showing us how these two policemen ended up there, making it clear to the audience whose side they are on.

Dark Winds Season 2 Nicholas Logan will be a cruel and relentless antagonist. He is an enigmatic figure, someone who takes an interest in the meteor in Metronome and ultimately finds it exciting. As such, there might be a connection between him and an explosion in which one of Navajo’s people died of cancer. Leaphorn is investigating the incident, which is notoriously familiar to him, involving an oil drilling site from season one, where his son died.

dark winds season 2
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About the Hit AMC Show

In the meantime, Jim Chee has left the FBI and returned to the field as a private investigator. He isn’t as crucial as Leaphorn, with whom he previously partnered, nor is Bernadette, with whom he had a budding romance. Nevertheless, the three remain connected throughout Season Two.

Chee works for Rosemary (played by Star Trek’s Jeri Ryan: Picard), who is the mysterious wife of the man (John Diehl) who bought the drilling site where Leaphorn’s son died. Driven by a fervent determination, Rosemary implores Chee to recover a precious item pilfered from her husband’s secure vault, igniting a thrilling quest for justice and truth. Eventually, when Chee finds out, it impacts Leaphorn, leading him on a mission for justice over his son’s death. The reveal, and Leaphorn’s reaction to it, supercharges Season Two, turning it into a full-blown thrilling noir action thriller.

Zahn McClarnon is a remarkable actor. He fills Leaphorn with immediacy and conviction. And while he can put his family’s remains in danger, he is determined to stand behind his core beliefs. Let’s please give this outstanding actor an Emmy nomination. Much like the way Kiowa Gordon masterfully breathes life into Jim Chee, he crafts an entirely realized persona that resonates uniquely with audiences. It’s a character that you want to know more about, and Gordon is fantastic here.

Seeing Jeri Ryan in a limited role is just as entertaining, which packs a punch. She is oxygen tank spinning around, smoking, and disliking staying at her wedding. Impressive.

Season Two features six episodes, and the last two are dark, action-packed, and thrilling. It’s a show worth watching, and it’s time to celebrate. Despite all of its diversity, it will be nice to see AMC viewers show some love for Dark Winds. It’s impressive that Reservation Dogs nabbed several Emmy nominations, and whenever the awards show is finally broadcast – postponed because of the actors and writers strike – we’ll see who wins, if anyone. In Season Two, Dark Winds emerges as a major Emmy contender, and here’s hoping it’s a call-out for a fantastic third Season