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Hey there, fellow viewers! Let’s dive into the intriguing details of the August 14, 2023 episode of “Days of our lives.” Buckle up, because it seems like things are getting more exciting than ever.

In this episode, Justin has dropped a bombshell on the group by revealing Victor’s whereabouts. Amidst all this, Shawn is feeling worried about his grandfather’s well-being.

The Days of Our Lives” is back with a bang, keeping us hooked with its captivating storyline. Justin informs the group about Victor’s current location. Meanwhile, Shawn is deeply concerned about his granddad. Brady and Chloe put their heads together and connect some dots.

Starting off on a new thread, the heated debate between Lee and Melinda catches our attention. Now, let’s delve into the main highlights and spoilers of the August 14, 2023 episode of “Days of our lives.”

Days of our Lives spoiler

For Monday, August 14, the “Days of Our Lives” spoilers reveal that Justin Kiriakis is finally going to spill the beans about Victor Kiriakis’ missing jet. Maggie Kiriakis will be quick to jump to the conclusion that the plane has crashed, but Justin will remain composed, assuring everyone that there’s another explanation.

As per the teaser for “Days of Our Lives,” Justin will attempt to manage the crisis while Maggie, Xander Cook, Alex Kiriakis, and Bonnie Lockhart get increasingly anxious. Maggie will eventually reach out to Shawn Brady and encourage him to talk to Hope Williams about finding Victor.

Victor left Bo Brady stranded three days ago, leaving Maggie feeling even worse about the situation. Victor’s welcome-home party won’t be happening anytime soon; therefore, Maggie will advise Xander and Zander to head back home, as they won’t be able to achieve anything there.

In the midst of this, Bonnie offers comfort to Maggie, who is troubled by the thought of never seeing Victor again. On the other hand, Shawn’s mind will be preoccupied with fears about Victor’s fate and the grim realization of his involvement in a heinous crime. If Shawn hadn’t put his father in a coma, Victor wouldn’t have been able to take off with Bonnie, making this news particularly disheartening for him.

Clo, or Chloe Lane Brady Black, will attempt to bring Brady onto the same page. It seems like she might intervene in Brady’s romance with Chloe and let her know that she’s now with Xander.

While Clo will always look out for Brady, she might just encourage him to step back and stop meddling in Chloe’s affairs, putting an end to any interference in what she and Xander have built.

Previously on Days of Our Lives:

In yesterday’s recap, as the family gathered to welcome back their patriarch, Justin dropped some distressing news about Victor’s connections. Stephanie and Chad, who’ve had their fair share of difficulties, are about to face another major obstacle.

Rex had a proposition for Sarah. Of course, we can’t help but wonder, is it a proposal in the traditional sense or a proposal of a different kind?

Amidst this, after realizing that they both know the truth about Sarah and her child, Maggie and Bonnie are now in a place where they can have an open conversation.

“Days of Our Lives” is an American soap opera that depicts the lives of people in Salem, navigating love, disappointment, and pain. Get ready for more captivating drama in the episodes to come!