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Drew Barrymore had tearfully apologized for resuming her TV show, “The Drew Barrymore Show,” during the ongoing strikes. However, she later deleted the post.

After facing heavy criticism, actor Drew Barrymore has announced that she will suspend her talk show, “The Drew Barrymore Show,” in support of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes. She had recently announced the return of the show for its fourth season, and her apology on social media for not supporting the actors and writers had been removed later. Read more: Drew Barrymore Tearfully Apologizes for Resuming TV Show Amid Strikes, Deletes Post Later

In a recent statement, Drew said, “I’ve listened to everyone, and I’ve decided to halt the show’s premiere until the strikes are over. I don’t have words deep enough to express my sincere apologies to anyone I’ve hurt, especially our incredible team that has made this show what it is today. We’ve genuinely sought a way forward, and I truly hope to provide a solution for the entire industry soon.”

The Internet Praises Drew Barrymore


Her decision is now being applauded on social media. One commenter wrote, “This is definitely the right move on multiple levels. You’re a big player in this industry. You know the importance of standing united with writers until the strike ends. If you had proceeded with the premiere, your show wouldn’t have lasted long. It was a jarring mistake, but I’m glad you arrived at a different decision. We shouldn’t be defined by our mistakes, but by how we move forward from them,” another said. Another individual chimed in, remarking, “Acknowledging a misstep and taking responsibility for it can be quite challenging. I hope your team understands.”

Controversy Surrounding The Drew Barrymore Show

Previously, in her now-deleted apology video, Drew Barrymore had said, “I believe there’s nothing I can do or say at this time to make it right. I wanted to make a decision, so this PR-protected situation wasn’t it, and I will take full responsibility for my actions. There are many complexities to this, and all I wanted everyone to know is that my intentions were never to cause harm or hurt anyone; I am not that person. I have had many ups and downs in my life, and this is one of them.”

She had apologized to the writers striking against SAG-AFTRA and WGA and shed tears. She went on to say, “My heartfelt apologies go out to the authors. I apologize deeply to the unions. I certainly could not anticipate this, and we will not break any rules, and we will stay in compliance. I had a strong desire to pursue this course of action because, as previously mentioned, it extends beyond my personal interests, impacting the livelihoods of others.

Drew Barrymore
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Following her announcement of the return of her talk show, SAG-AFTRA had supported her decision, stating that her show “falls within the permissible boundaries of the current strike rules as a non-scripted series.” However, the Writers Guild of America had criticized her decision and labeled it a “violation.” It’s been several months since writers and actors have been fighting for better wages and benefits. Besides Drew’s show, other popular shows like Saturday Night Live, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon have been canceled as well.

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