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Adorable and mischievous baby Groot is making a comeback! ‘I Am Groot Season 2’ will be airing on September 6th.

The lovable and mischievous baby Groot is back in action! The second season of “I Am Groot” teaser, just released by Marvel Studios, is brimming with charming moments. While we recently saw an adult Groot in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3,’ this animated short takes us back to our favorite character in its adorable baby form as it explores the wonders of the galaxy. Here is all we currently know about the future year.

I Am Groot Season 2
image credits: google

‘I Am Groot Season 2’: Plot, Streaming Details, and Episode Guide

The new clip shows Groot in numerous locations around the cosmos, including ice worlds and Indiana Jones-like temple traps. There’s a scene where Groot befriends a bird and races through the jungle, and in a heartwarming moment, it even appears with a human nose. It’s impossible not to giggle when watching the trailer since it’s full with hilarious moments.

‘I Am Groot Season 2′ basically brings back the trouble-making cuteness. This time, Baby Groot travels across space outside the Guardians’ spacecraft, where he comes with strange and vibrant life forms.

As expected, the second season will be available on Disney’s streaming platform. Since Disney owns Marvel Entertainment, they have streaming rights for all Marvel content, including films and TV shows. So, to enjoy this entertaining show for kids, you’ll need a Disney+ subscription. The upcoming season will consist of five episodes, titled ‘Are You My Groot?’ for one episode and ‘Groot’s Sweet Treat’ for four episodes.

Mark your calendars because all episodes of ‘I Am Groot Season 2’ will start streaming on Disney+ on September 6, 2023. If you’re wondering about the release time, Disney+ typically releases new episodes at 8 AM GMT and 3 AM ET in the UK, and midnight PT in the US. Each episode will be short, lasting approximately 5-6 minutes, making it easy to binge-watch the entire season if you wish. For those interested, the first season of ‘I Am Groot’ is already available on Disney+.

‘I Am Groot Season 2’: Watch the Trailer

With five brand-new animated episodes, this new season offers fans yet another exhilarating galactic adventure. While it maintains the format of short episodes from the first season, it offers a slower pace and a different tone compared to the movies. For lovers of our beloved Flora Colossus, in particular, it is a promise of new and fascinating tale that presents an engaging experience.

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