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After Jamie Foxx’s return to social media, his online presence has been rare and infrequent. However, recently he took to Instagram to connect with some people. Let’s find out what happened.

Jamie Foxx was spotted roaming, having fun, and sometimes strolling in Chicago. Many people were grateful to see him in good health and normal state after his health-related struggles months ago, which had kept him hospitalized for a considerable time. Since his comeback, he has rarely used social media, except for a few occasions where he shared updates about his health or posted some playful pictures on Instagram. Amidst a flurry of enigmatic posts on his Instagram, Foxx recently left his followers intrigued, sparking a fervent guessing game as to the identity of the person he was alluding to.

Jamie Foxx extended an invitation to a mysterious ‘fake friend’ on Instagram.

He posted a quote with a dark background that read, “They killed this person named Jesus… What do you think they’ll do to you???” The 55-year-old actor concluded the sentence with hashtags like ‘fake friends’ and ‘fake love.’ This left his followers surprised and speculating about whom Jamie might be referring to.

Jamie Foxx
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A few weeks ago, Foxx had expressed gratitude to his family and friends on Instagram for standing by him during his medical struggles. Now, it’s intriguing to see him reaching out to those who probably weren’t there to support him during that tough time.

Jamie Foxx’s family kept fans updated.

Almost four months after being admitted to the hospital due to a mysterious “medical complexity,” he shared a post on social media to update his well-wishers. The news of his hospitalization first reached his family on April 12, and they assured the fans that he was on the path to recovery, thanks to swift action and excellent care.

Jamie spent quite some time in the hospital, but in May, his daughter Corinne revealed that he had been granted leave, and his recovery was underway at home. After the leave, he sought rehabilitation and physical therapy to aid his health recovery.

Meanwhile, Foxx’s movie “The Clone Tyron” is now available for streaming on Netflix and has been receiving fantastic reviews, especially for its dark humor and addressing social issues.

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