Jamie Lee Curtis Dr. Kureha Role(image credits: google)

Jamie Lee Curtis has officially announced her intention to join Netflix for a role in the live-action adaptation of One Piece.

Jamie Lee Curtis Role Dr. Kureha in one piece live action

Esteemed actress Jamie Lee and the beloved anime series, One Piece, are both reasons for celebration among fans. Curtis has officially declared her intention to collaborate with Netflix in a live-action adaptation of the popular anime series.

For years, it’s been no secret that Jamie Lee, known for her roles in Halloween and Knives Out, is a dedicated fan of One Piece. With the recent confirmation of a second season for the Netflix adaptation, speculations arose about whether Curtis could portray Dr Kureha, under the guidance of Tony Tony Chopper.

Curtis has now confirmed her interest in taking on the role herself, stating, “Once the AMTPPT strike reaches a fair deal, I’ll happily step into the shoes of Dr Kureha, much to the delight of my growing fan madness.”

Jamie Lee desire to be a part of the One Piece universe is not new. She had already gushed about how much she loved Eiichiro Oda’s invention before the news of the live-action adaptation broke. She had earlier this year teased a role on her social media pages, but her most recent declaration demonstrates a real dedication to joining the One Piece ensemble.

In source material, Dr Kureha is crucial to Tony Tony Chopper’s path and is probably going to be heavily featured in the forthcoming season. One Piece producer Eiichiro Oda confirmed the second season of the Netflix series and teased the introduction of Dr Kureha.

Jamie Lee Curtis Dr. Kureha Role
Jamie Lee Curtis (image credits: google)

One Piece fans will definitely be thrilled by Jamie Lee probable involvement, and their fantasy role will undoubtedly come true thanks to her star power.

It’s obvious that Jamie Lee love of One Piece might provide an intriguing new layer to the live-action series, igniting even more conversation about this eagerly awaited adaptation, while anxious fans await more developments.

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