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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are one of the most beloved celebrity couples. So, when the news of their separation broke, it was a big surprise for their fans, but it might not have been so unexpected for those close to them.

After being married for four years, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner announced their separation, sending shockwaves through the entire industry. Since this news came out, various rumors and stories about both of them have been circulating, with new angles to the story emerging every day. For the uninitiated, Joe’s divorce news came on a Sunday, September 3rd, and since then, there have been new narratives about their behind-the-scenes relationship.

Have Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner been living separate lives for months?

joe jonas and sophie turner
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According to a source speaking to People magazine, while their fans might have been surprised by their separation, those close to them weren’t, as they had been “spending time apart Shortly after this revelation emerged, Turner was seen in a meeting with divorce attorneys, all while she persisted in adorning her wedding band. Allegedly, Joe Jonas and Turner have not been able to resolve their differences in recent days.

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As per the identical source, ‘In terms of their split, this is all fairly recent, so they’re presently navigating the situation as it unfolds. They did have a prenuptial agreement. As a unit, their residence was established in Florida. They had a lot of time together with their kids in the past few months when they were on the road, traveling with the family. Sophie was working in the UK.”

Why did Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner keep their relationship mostly private?

joe jonas and sophie turner
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In a previous interview with Mr. Porter last November, Jonas shared why he and Turner chose to maintain privacy in their relationship. He explained that they initially wanted to be transparent, but things changed when they started dating. He expressed, “It seems as though I’ve entered into a sort of connection with myself, to some extent. I want to be as transparent as possible. But with the second season of ‘Game of Thrones,’ things just started getting pretty hectic. I just found it better to have that time of just the two of us.”

Meanwhile, in their recent joint statement confirming their separation, they requested understanding and privacy for themselves and their children.

So, while Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner may have been a public fascination, their personal choices regarding their relationship were driven by their need for privacy and their desire to navigate their journey together in their own way.