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“Due to an unexpected ankle ailment, Johnny Depp found it necessary to reschedule the Hollywood Vampires’ planned June excursion to Boston. But over the weekend, The Hollywood Vampires gave a boisterous crowd a show. Fans reported that the Pirates of the Caribbean star interacted warmly with them, giving autographs, taking pictures, and even giving hugs.

Sadly, it appears that Depp’s ankle ailment hasn’t healed completely because he was spotted needing a crutch while moving around Boston. Rest assured, all the comprehensive information you seek is readily available at your fingertips, right within this very repository.

Johnny Depp was spotted in Boston at the Wang Theater in the M.A.C. Boch Center on a Friday. He wore comfortable attire and was using a crutch to walk.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor wore identical jeans and a deep blue plaid top and T-shirt. He completed the look with a blue and white plaid blazer and matching boots. Johnny Depp also chose a blue newsboy cap and multiple necklaces to accessorize. In defiance of his fractured ankle, Depp exhibited an admirable buoyancy, emanating positive vibes as he was sighted prior to his Boston concert.

Prior to this, Johnny Depp’s ankle ailment forced him to postpone three of the Hollywood Vampires’ American tour dates. Hollywood Vampires’ official band page posted the following statement: “We are unhappy to announce that we will be rescheduling our three U.S. tour dates slated for the upcoming week. Johnny Depp recently suffered injuries in an unrelated accident and will not be joining the group on stage.”

In the concert over the weekend, Hollywood Vampires performed a setlist of 19 songs and mesmerized the audience. A fan wrote, “Amazing night at the @hollywoodvamps show in Boston. Met Johnny backstage and saw him off, met some great people. Definitely checked a few boxes off my bucket list and still more to come.”

Johnny Depp VS Amber Heard: A Fascinating Tale of Music and Justice”

In other news, a new Netflix documentary details the well-known legal dispute between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard after a year of court procedures.

The trailer for the three-part documentary “Notorious Libel Case Investigation” was released on Wednesday, delving into the global media event that tested the truth and questioned its role in our modern society.

The documentary is directed by Emma Cooper, known for her work on Netflix’s 2022 docuseries “The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Untold Tapes.”

According to a piece on Netflix’s upcoming documentary, the aim of Depp vs. Heard is to present an unbiased perspective when public opinion becomes the judge of reality.

Since the court case, several documentaries have been made about the matter, including “Hot Takes: The Depp/Heard Trial.”

The seven-member jury, comprising five men and two women, delivered the verdict on June 1, 2022, at the Virginia trial, with the majority siding with Depp. The actor won all three of his libel cases against Heard, who had written about being domestically abused, though not mentioning his name in the article.

Heard was ordered to pay $10.35 million in damages, while she won one of her three libel counterclaims and was awarded $2 million.

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In June, Heard began her appeal against the verdict, and Depp responded with his appeal in the following months.

In December, Heard confirmed that she and Depp reached a settlement and withdrew their respective appeals. Characterizing it as an intensely intricate choice, she expressed, “In the end, it revolved around mustering the courage to tread that path and arriving at the resolution I had endeavored to embrace six years past, an aspiration that had nearly materialized then.

“I don’t think they were the victims of what has been said about them. I believe they are who they are. They’re a fantastic actor,” she said in the interview with Savannah Guthrie at NBC News in late June.

The actor’s upcoming Netflix documentary “Depp vs. Heard” will be released on August 16.”