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“Katie Ledecky claimed the Women’s 800 meters freestyle world title for the sixth consecutive time at the World Aquatics Championship 2023 held in Fukuoka, Japan, on Saturday (July 29) with a time of 8:08.87 minutes.

This victory marks the longest winning streak in the history of the Championship for any single event. With her 16th individual gold medal, she surpassed Michael Phelps’ tally of world swimming titles, which she had already equaled earlier in the week by clinching her first gold medal at the Championships, making her tied with the American.

Speaking by the poolside, Katie said, “I never dreamed of coming this far in these meetings, so being here and competing in multiple World Championships is incredible.”

“I’m loving every moment, trying to enjoy every bit of it. There are truly great competitors in all my races. I wish them well in pushing me forward in every way.”

With every encounter, a tempestuous clash unfolds, elevating each moment into an extraordinary spectacle of rivalry. So, I know I have to bring my best performance every time.”

Katie Ledecky, the silver medalist, was approximately 4.5 seconds ahead of China’s Li Bingjie, who set an Asian record of 8:13.31.

Katie accepted her latest victory with such humility that she left Fukuoka gracefully.

Katie Ledecky
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“It feels great. Coming to this meet is always fun,” said the 26-year-old, who made her Worlds debut in 2013. “Embracing the brilliance of the horizon before me, I harness the very core of my being, uniting it into an unparalleled exhibition, a harmonious symphony where my prowess culminates at its peak.”

“If this turns out to be a golden accolade, I wholeheartedly embrace the genuine joy of my unwavering and consistent excellence throughout the years, shining brightly like a priceless gem in my journey. Just trying to get a little bit better all the time.”

“This is definitely my favorite race. It’s the one I cherish the most, given that the 1500 was only added to the Olympics in 2021. I think it’s the one I’ve focused on the most.” Ending the session with her favorite race is enjoyable, and I wanted to leave it in the pool.”

It may seem like her journey has concluded here, but it doesn’t feel like Ledecky is slowing down anytime soon.

Despite surpassing Phelps, it felt like she had just begun.

“Ledecky expressed, ‘Having a profound understanding of Michael’s journey, the numerous events he’s conquered in this fashion, is truly an esteemed privilege in its own right.'”

“With unwavering determination, I shall forge ahead, aspiring to secure an array of additional medals that will proudly adorn Team USA’s collection

Katie Ledecky height is approximately 180 cm (5′ 11″), and she weighs around 55 kg (170 pounds).”

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