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The previous owner of the property was afraid that Kevin Bacon might take possession of it.

Kevin Bacon reveals he destroyed a ‘haunted’ house on his farm in Connecticut

Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon, believing in the supernatural, destroyed a house on his farm in Northwestern Connecticut. The previous owner of the property was afraid that Bacon might lay claim to it.

Bacon revealed this during a recent episode of Rob Lowe’s “Literally” podcast.

Bacon recounted, “The artwork we acquired featured a decrepit old dwelling within it, and [the individual] expressed reluctance about my ownership of that particular residence,” noting that it was a dilapidated structure in which they had spent their formative years.”

Bacon shed light on how, during negotiations for the sale, the property owner had reservations about selling the house.

kevin bacon
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“At last, I conveyed, ‘Consider this: you’re unable to offer me a parcel of land, yet you’re equally prohibited from selling the dwelling situated upon it.'”. It’s just weird,” Bacon said.

The 65-year-old actor shared that the property owner later explained the reason behind his reluctance to sell the house.

Bacon revealed, “He elaborated, ‘I find myself unable to transfer it to you because of its eerie past, and I hold reservations about the possibility of you being influenced, inadvertently setting off substantial disturbances.'”

According to the sales agreement, Bacon agreed to demolish the house within one month of purchasing it.

Bacon disclosed, “In accordance with the contract’s terms, I had a mandatory obligation to raze [the structure] within a month after acquiring it.”

During the podcast, the “Hollow Man” actor also mentioned that he wanted to keep some items before demolishing the house, but his wife Kyra Sedgwick was strongly against any such idea.

“But I went there, and there were some beautiful old pine boards and a banister, and I said to Kyra, ‘We have to get these out,'” Bacon recalled, “and she said, ‘No, you’re not.'”

Bacon is known for his roles in science-fiction and supernatural-themed films such as “Hollow Man,” “Stir of Echoes,” “Tremors,” “Wild Things,” “X-Men: First Class,” “Apollo 13,” and “Flatliners.

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