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Madison Beer recently revealed her unexpected friendship with singer Lana Del Rey. The 24-year-old singer shared how she viewed Lana as an ideal.

Madison Beer opened up about her newfound friendship with singer Lana Del Rey in a special conversation. The 24-year-old singer shared how she met Lana and how, over time, a supportive friendship blossomed between them.

How They Met

Madison and Lana crossed paths earlier this year at a café in Los Angeles. Lana reached out to the “Reckless” singer, expressing her genuine love for her music.

Madison shared, “Meeting Lana was a big deal for me because when someone like her talks, the saying ‘never meet your idols’ is absolutely not true.” This encounter marked the beginning of an unexpected yet supportive bond between them.

Madison Beer
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Madison Beer Breaking Away from Conformity

Madison has always been a positive presence in the music industry, aligning with fellow musicians and singers. Speaking about standing against the rivalries among famous personalities, she said, “I’ve always found it so weird and hated it.”

“It’s truly unfortunate that I’ve come across individuals whom I deeply admire, and it’s disconcerting to consider, ‘Alas, I cannot extend my support, as they might perceive my success as a threat to their own, but that’s not my mindset or approach.'”

She then shared how her friendship with Lana differs from these norms.

“Madison expressed, ‘From my perspective, she’s gracefully embracing her unique journey, and to be completely candid, I’ve consistently traversed a parallel path.’ ‘She acknowledges her exceptional qualities, yet she doesn’t carry herself as superior to others, and that aspect is truly motivating.'”

Public Support at the 2023 Billboard Women in Music Event

Lana’s public support for Madison’s music during the 2023 Billboard Women in Music event further strengthened their bond.

Lana Del Rey: An Ideal for Madison Beer

People have always seen Lana as one of the most humble and talented musicians of our time. Recently, viral images of Lana working shifts at a Waffle House set her apart, highlighting her humility and dedication. Madison aspires to follow in her footsteps in her professional career.

Madison Beer and Lana Del Rey
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“Should the day arrive when I attain the status of one of the most prominent artists globally, and I ever begin to exhibit an attitude of superiority, kindly do not hesitate to remove me from such a position, for I vehemently oppose such behavior. Beer asserted, ‘It is incumbent upon individuals to conduct themselves in such a manner.

Madison sees in Lana the same simplicity, feeling that their humility and understanding of each other’s nature keep them together as friends.

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