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Academy Award Winner 90-Year-Old Actor Michael Caine’s Take on the Current State of Politics on Film Sets: ‘Numb’

Oscar-winning actor Michael Caine has starred in numerous romantic films throughout his career. In a recent interview with The Daily Mail, the 90-year-old actor expressed that he finds the atmosphere on film sets nowadays to be politically correct to the point of being ‘numb,’ where no one can even call someone else ‘darling.’

Michael Caine’s Perspective

“Really? Is that so? What are they? In our time, we never had anything like this. Thank God I’m 90, and now I don’t have to play lovers anymore, I can tell you that much. In my day, you just did a love scene and moved on, without anyone’s interference. That has all changed,” Michael said in the interview.

Michael Caine
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In the same interview, Michael also criticized what he called “numbness” on film sets or, as it’s referred to nowadays, political correctness. “It’s numb. Not being able to speak your mind and not being able to call someone ‘darling.'”

Michael’s Controversial Kissing Scene

Although Michael feels relieved that he isn’t asked to perform intimate scenes at his age, he shared his experience of a controversial kissing scene with the late Christopher Reeve, who played Superman, in the 1982 black comedy thriller “Deathtrap.”

In a 2019 interview with Rolling Stone, Michael openly discussed that scene. He said, “It was a bit tough to do – people said it could be damaging for my career, and what would girls think of me? Some people said, ‘Do you really want to do this, Michael? People will think you’re gay.’ I said, ‘No, they won’t. They know I’m an actor.’ I enjoyed doing it.”

Michael Caine
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He also explained how he prepared for the challenging scene, saying, “I had several gay friends, so I studied them and their activities and speech, so I knew exactly what I was doing. And it turned out quite well. I had never kissed a man’s lips before. None of us had, so we had a few brandies. Then, when it came time for the scene, we couldn’t remember a thing. So, the kiss was somewhat destructive,” Michael added.

Michael Caine, who made his Hollywood debut in 1964, will next appear in Oliver Parker’s film “The Great Escape,” set to be released in cinemas on October 6th

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