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In the world of “Stranger Things,” famous actress Millie Bobby Brown recently offered a delightful glimpse into her life as she teamed up with her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi, for a makeup tutorial.

In today’s ever-evolving world of social media, celebrities often find new ways to connect with their fans, often inviting us into their private lives in unexpected ways. Recently, Millie Bobby Brown, best known for her role in “Stranger Things,” shared a joyful moment from her life when she joined forces with her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi, for a makeup tutorial. The result? An exhilarating, heartwarming display of their strong relationship.

Jake Bongiovi does Millie Bobby Brown’s makeup

Millie Bobby
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Millie Bobby Brown and her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi, decided to launch a unique makeup tutorial on Millie’s YouTube channel, “Florence by Mills.” Jake, not a professional makeup artist by any means, enthusiastically accepted the challenge, and his charm and humor made it equally appealing and entertaining.

At the start of the video, Jake introduced himself and the mission for the day: “Hey, everyone, my name is Jake, as you know, and this is Millie, as you know, and today, I’ve been asked to do Millie’s makeup, and I’m very excited about it. This is my first time doing her makeup, and yes, we’ll see how it goes.” He also teased that they would answer some “hot couple questions” along the way.

Millie and Jake revealed how it all began

As Jake began working on Millie’s face, the couple reminisced about how they first crossed paths. They shared that they initially connected on Instagram, and their first personal meeting took place at an airport. It’s a modern love story that began in the world of social media and transformed into a real-life relationship.

Makeup mishaps and relationship revelations

While Jake may not have undergone a makeup skills test, he certainly didn’t lack a sense of humor. When Millie hinted that she needed something to start her makeup with, Jake jokingly replied, “Foundation! ‘I don’t know’ was my second guess after that.” Laughter was a recurring theme throughout the tutorial.

In between makeup-related mishaps, the couple answered questions about their relationship. When Jake was asked about his favorite look on Millie, he revealed that he loved it when she transitioned from a “full-glam” makeup look to wearing a hoodie and shorts. Millie chimed in with a smile, saying that she found it very comfortable.

Sharing sweet moments during the tutorial

Jake also shared the nervous experience of proposing to Millie. He mentioned that there were some unknown elements in the proposal that could have gone wrong and jeopardized the surprise. Millie humorously added, “If they went wrong, it could have been detrimental to your life.” Fortunately, everything went well, as we now know.

Jake Bongiovi unveils Millie Bobby Brown’s makeup masterpiece

Millie Bobby
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After using concealer, bronzer, blush, mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick, with a touch of quirkiness in between, Millie and Jake proudly unveiled Millie’s finished look. Their reactions were priceless, with Jake playfully suggesting that it was perfect for “long-distance conversations” or dimly lit settings. Millie also joined in on the fun, commenting that it could be “miles and miles away” the best and admitted, “It looks bad,” as they both burst into laughter, acknowledging that the makeup wasn’t runway-ready.

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