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Netflix has released the trailer and release date for its upcoming reality series, ‘Squid Game The Challenge,’ which is inspired by the Korean show of the same name.

Netflix has dropped the trailer and release date for the upcoming reality series ‘Squid Game The Challenge.’ The teaser of the show showcases 456 contestants competing in various games for a record prize amount of $4.56 million, making it the highest ever for any competition-based show.

‘Squid Game The Challenge’ Release Date

Netflix is all set to kick off the show on November 22, 2023.

‘Squid Game The Challenge’ Trailer

The trailer has already garnered 810.2K views and is steadily climbing in popularity. The games within the show are inspired by the original Korean series.

I must say, Netflix has a knack for producing highly-watched shows. What’s interesting is that there will be an element of surprise in the challenges, setting it apart from the original show. As the games progress, dozens will be eliminated.

UK-based Indies studios, Lambert and The Garden, are the producers of the show. It’s evident that the show faced several challenges before reaching its final form.

In the game “Red Light, Green Light,” where out of 456 players, three had to avoid being caught by a dangerous robotic doll, medical attention was required due to complications arising from the cold at the former Royal Cardington Studios in Britain. Located at the Bedford Air Force Base.

Squid Game: The Challenge
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A representative mentioned that at that time, “all necessary safety precautions” were taken through the program.

Fan Reactions

Fans who have already watched the original show are eagerly excited to see the reality competition series. Many have taken to social media to share their thoughts.

One user wrote, “Finally, some happiness đŸ„č,” while another exclaimed, “The most popular show is back 💯.”

‘Squid Game’ originally premiered on Netflix in 2021 as a survival drama series. The series revolves around a secretive competition in which 456 participants, many facing serious financial difficulties, risk their lives in a series of deadly kiddie games in pursuit of a $45.6 billion prize.

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