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A new teaser for One Piece Episode 1073 has been released, and fans are thrilled with Luffy’s spectacular victory. As the Straw Hat Pirates make their triumphant stand against the forces on Onigashima, every step brings them closer to greater dangers.

Following the impressive release of Gear 5 episode, One Piece continues its strong performance with the episode featuring the Onigashima assault. The battle between Luffy and Kaido has garnered so much praise that even servers on Crunchyroll and other streaming platforms experienced downtime. In the final episode, Luffy displayed extraordinary power that was capable of defeating Kaido. However, the Sea Emperors have yet to win back Onigashima from the Beast Pirates. Roronoa Zoro and Kaido stand against them; now, who will face the beasts on the battlefield? The latest teaser for One Piece Episode 1073 sheds light on this.

The teaser for One Piece Episode 1073 hints at a significant setback.

One Piece Episode 1073
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The latest 31-second preview of One Piece Episode 1073 brings forth the culmination of the battle raging in Onigashima. While Luffy is still relishing his most powerful transformation, Sanji remains trapped in flames. On the other hand, Jinbe and others are still trying to escape the burning building in order to somehow quell the fire and aid others. However, upon exiting, the team will encounter Raizo amidst the flames’ grasp. A person ready to sacrifice themselves to win Kaido’s fight.

The teaser tells us that Raizo regrets not saving his lord in battle, and on getting the chance, he wishes to make himself the ruler of the Sea Emperors. Hence, the teaser ends with the title of the next episode. The title shines, saying “No Way Out! A Hellish Siege on Onigashima.”


Release Date and Where to Watch

In contrast to recent manga releases, there won’t be much delay in the release of the latest One Piece anime episode. The newest episode is set to arrive within a week. As such, the final release date for Episode 1073 is August 20, 2023. All episodes of One Piece are available on Crunchyroll’s official page. We’ll ensure to update this section as more details come in.

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