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This week, with a slow-paced chapter, the next One Punch Man Chapter 190 is gearing up for an exciting battle. The Atomic Samurai’s showdown with the King is still pending. Here’s a glimpse of how the upcoming story will unfold. Keep reading.

This month marks the time when fans have to endure endless anticipation to get the release date for the next OPM chapter. One Punch Man Chapter 190 is in line for release. The Atomic Samurai faced off against the King this time. And it even seemed like he considered this man to be the strongest of them all. It’s intriguing to see how they describe the Martial Arts Tournament from here. So, here’s all you need to know about the chapter’s storyline and release date.

One Punch Man Chapter 190: Storyline and Recap

King's Enigma: One Punch Man Chapter 190
king enigma oneOne Punch Man Chapter 190 (image credits: google)

The previous chapter was titled ‘Blade Test.’ In the preceding chapter, we saw the Atomic Samurai deciding to challenge the King in his own game. The King chose to unsheathe his sword and then decided against it. But the King’s samurai sword was almost too fast to track even for his movements. Some fans immediately compared their actions to a bluff. The mention of Gear 5 was prominent in the discussions around this chapter as well. Readers were quite impressed with how the King managed to handle the situation without revealing his true powers.

Although it was one of the shortest chapters so far, the next story will bring with it a lengthy conversation between the two. Seeing the King’s abilities, the samurai will surely propose to make him his disciple. The King might not agree with this, as he seems quite reluctant to return to the battlefield. It will be interesting to see what his final decision will be this time.

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One Punch Man Chapter 190: Release Date and Where to Read

King's Enigma: One Punch Man Chapter 190
king enigma One Punch Man Chapter 190 (image credits: google)

OPM chapters usually follow a bi-weekly release cycle. The last chapter was released on July 26, 2023. Fans are hoping for the next chapter to be released soon, around August 10, 2023. However, there hasn’t been any confirmation from Murata’s side yet. Rest assured, we will keep this section updated in case of any delays or intervals. Every single installment of the One Punch Man manga can be perused on the official One Punch Man website as well as through Viz Media’s digital platform.