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The latest series we’re watching on Netflix is the six-part drama ‘Painkiller,’ which delves into the emotional and harrowing story of the opioid crisis in America.

Focusing on the dramatic retelling of the manufacturing and distribution of the drug Oxycodone, ‘Painkiller‘ centers around four central characters, each with their own story to tell about their involvement with the medication.

At the head of the Seakler family is Richard Seakler (played by Matthew Broderick), who distributes the drug through his company Perdue Pharma and is determined to protect the family name (and bank balance) at all costs. Edie Flavors (Uzo Aduba) is an attorney working for an American law firm, investigating Oxycodone. Glenn Krieger (Taylor Kitsch) is a mechanic who becomes addicted to Oxycodone after an injury, and Shannon Sheffer (West Duchovny) is a new recruit in the Perdue sales team.

After six tense and sometimes frustrating episodes, much happens for these four main characters. So, how do their stories conclude? You need to know about the ending of ‘Painkiller’ on Netflix.

What happens with Richard Seakler in the end?

painkiller netflix
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He’s the person who started it all, and by episode six, everyone is genuinely hoping he gets what he deserves. But does he? Unfortunately, in reality, not so much. After Shannon exposes Perdue’s internal workings, the American Attorney’s office is able to focus on high-ranking members of Perdue, who then become apprehensive about the possibility of jail time. Whenever they’re jittery, Richard reassures them that Perdue will take care of them and won’t admit to anything.

Since they all refuse to cooperate, the case will move forward for trial, though Richard’s associates suggest a plea deal, which he rejects, telling them not to do anything. Then we see him in a state of crisis, smashing things on his desk and breaking a coffee table. Richard also wrestles with the imaginary presence of his uncle Arthur, who’s urging him to go to war for the company.

The trial is about to begin, but before it does, the judge announces that Perdue Pharma has reached an out-of-court settlement, with the Seakler family agreeing to pay $6 billion as part of the proposed deal.

These statements about the actual family are intertwined with elderly Richard Seakler’s imagined scenes, which we saw at the beginning of the season. In his grand mansion, a smoke alarm that’s annoying him goes off throughout the weather. Richard sits with the image of his uncle Arthur, who repeatedly advances to punch him in the face.

However, this is just in his imagination, and the series concludes with Richard walking up his stairs while a smoke alarm blares in the background.

What happens with Edie Flavors in the end?

painkiller netflix
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After five episodes of Edie narrating her story to a group of attorneys, we finally learn what happened with her.

Edie and her team interview Shannon about her experiences in Perdue and proceed to move towards the case, where Edie hopes some form of justice can be achieved. However, due to the Seakler family’s personal ties, the case is halted as they’ve opted for an out-of-court settlement.

Edie is visibly distressed by this decision, and she’s surprised that, even knowing what happened, her team won’t look her in the eye to tell her the truth.

However, it’s not all unfortunate and gloomy for Edie, as post the setback of the case, she decides to repair things with her brother, Shawn, in jail.

In the present, we see Edie leaving her law firm behind and heading to a mysterious location, which is later revealed to be her brother’s home, as he’s now out of jail. Perhaps she couldn’t bring Perdue down, but she gets a chance to mend her relationship with her family.”**

the end of “Painkiller,” what happens with Shannon Shephard?

painkiller netflix
painkiller netflix (image credits: google)

In the conclusion of Episode Five, we see Shannon achieving a triumph. She snorts some oxy and then realizes that her colleagues are cozying up to doctors to boost sales, resulting in frustration with the entire Purdue system. She wants something different.

Episode Six opens with Shannon meeting Eddie, where she apologizes for her past behavior and agrees to help in any way she can. Shannon gets back in her car and retrieves all her files and notes from Purdue, hoping to aid Eddie’s case. We then witness her recounting her story to Eddie and her team.

Last time we saw Shannon was in the courthouse, learning that Purdue is out of court. Shannon’s reaction to the verdict is measured, and that’s how we last see her.

What happens to Glenn Cragger at the end of “Painkiller”?

If you’re not the type to scream and cry during Glenn’s scenes on TV, then we can definitely be friends.

At the conclusion of Episode Five, similar to Shannon, it seems Glenn has found success. After a tough night that seems to signal his descent, Glenn decides to embark on a journey of recovery. Episode Six gives us a glimpse into what we might think could be a happy ending for Glenn and his family. He reopens his auto repair shop, tells Tyler that he wasn’t wrong in whatever he did, and resumes the tradition of family dinners. It seems his wife Lily might be contemplating bringing him back into her life with a kiss before he leaves.

However, in the present, Glenn is residing in a motel and staying up all night to the loud music of his neighbors. He goes to their room to complain but finds them both heavily intoxicated, not calling 911 but grabbing the pills from the cabinet.

In the next scene, he is seen calling Lily, appearing elevated, and telling her that he will arrange dinner for the evening. After hanging up, he likely prepares an oxy line and leaves.
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At a convenience store parking lot, he forms a second line and takes an overdose in haste. Several passersby attempt to help, but he doesn’t respond. They call 911, although we never see Glenn again, suggesting that his overdose might have led to his demise.

“Painkiller” is now available on Netflix

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