PV Sindhu and Tim Cook(image credits: google)

PV Sindhu’s close associate has confirmed that a meeting between the Olympic champion and Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple Park in Cupertino, California, has opened up exciting possibilities for future endeavors.

PV Sindhu and Tim Cook’s meeting at the Apple iPhone 15

During the launch of Apple’s iPhone 15 series at the company’s headquarters, PV Sindhu, India’s top badminton player, engaged in an intriguing conversation with Tim Cook, and photos of the encounter were shared beforehand. Amid the unveiling of four new iPhone models and Apple Watches, PV Sindhu found herself at the center of a memorable interaction with Cook, filled with hopeful prospects for the future.

A close source to the two-time Olympic champion revealed that PV Sindhu had always been eager to meet Cook, as she had missed the chance to do so during her visit to India earlier this year due to her busy tournament schedule. The source shared, “Meeting Mr. Tim for the first time was a splendid experience for her. She genuinely regrets not being able to meet him earlier during her India visit due to her tight tournament schedule.”

The source continued, “A tour of Apple Park is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and not everyone gets the opportunity easily. For the lone Indian athlete to go there and meet Cook was a moment of pride.”

During the meeting, discussions ranged from badminton to technology, emphasizing the potential synergy between sports and innovation. In the course of their conversation, Sindhu’s passion for badminton and her enthusiasm for the sport deeply resonated with Cook, prompting Sindhu to extend a gracious invitation for a friendly badminton match in India. The response was a resounding “Yes!” as reported by the source.

The source added, “Tim is a great guy, and when P.V. told him that she had heard he’s quite good at badminton, he was genuinely excited and pleased. He will certainly be invited to future events.”

PV Sindhu and Tim Cook
(image credits: google)

Notably, on September 12th, Apple unveiled its latest iPhones and Apple Watches at its Cupertino headquarters in the United States. The event saw the participation of several prominent figures, including the sensational badminton star P.V. Sindhu.

It’s an exciting encounter that could potentially bridge the worlds of sports and technology, and fans are eagerly awaiting what the future holds for this unique partnership.

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