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Russell Brand has shared a video on his social media handles, where he appears to refute allegations of his alleged misconduct that have been published in two UK mainstream publications.

Russell Brand shares video denying criminal allegations

The English comedian and actor Russell Brand has shared a video on his social media handles, where he can be seen denying allegations of his alleged misconduct, which have been published by two “mainstream” publications in the UK.

The star mentioned that he has received two troubling letters from mainstream media outlets, where he has listed several serious allegations that he wishes to address.

According to reports, Channel 4 and the news publications The Times and The Sunday Times are behind these stories.

Russell Brand has claimed that these publications made “astonishing allegations” about his character, as well as “very serious” allegations of sexual misconduct.

Providing the background, he states, “These claims date back to a period when I was actively engaged in the field.” I was very promiscuous, but during that time, my relationships were always consensual.”

“I consistently maintained a high level of openness during that time, perhaps even excessively so. And now, I am becoming even more transparent,” he added.

In recent years, Russell Brand has transformed himself into a media figure who “criticizes the news, attacks it, and reduces its corruption.”

Referring to this, he said in the video that these allegations are part of a “serious and solid agenda” to control places and voices like his.

“I have no objection to them using my books and my stand-up to talk about my past unethical consensual behavior. I strongly refute these very serious allegations,” he stated.

Adding to his point, he claimed to know witnesses who “directly contradict the narrative that these two mainstream media outlets are trying to create.”

Russell Brand
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Although it’s not clear when the publications will release their material, Russell’s video suggests it will be released on Saturday.

Tonight, at 9 PM UK time, a special episode of the investigative journalism series Dispatches from Channel 4 will be aired. The subject matter of the program remains undisclosed to the public.

Fascinatingly, when reacting to Russell’s videos, Elon Musk expressed empathy by responding with a simple “Indeed.” They don’t like competition.”

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