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The hit movie ‘Sound of Freedom’ is facing delays in its online release at the box office, and fans are eagerly waiting for its availability.

Sound of Freedom: Box office hit faces

The film, highly praised by critics for exposing the dark web of child trafficking in the United States, Mexico, and Colombia, has created quite a buzz worldwide. While the producers are committed to spreading its social awareness message globally, there has been a hiccup in its online streaming.

The impactful performance of the film at the box office has heightened fans’ excitement, as they are eager to know when it will be available online. While ‘Sound of Freedom’ initially had a set online release date, it has recently come to light that there has been a delay in its availability.

In August 2023, a listing indicated that ‘Sound of Freedom’ was scheduled for an online release on September 15th. However, according to VentaStream, the digital release date on Redbox has now been pushed to “Coming Soon,” hinting at a delay possibly until the end of 2023. The timing of Angel Studios’ decision to release the film online remains uncertain.

Directed by Alejandro Monteverde, ‘Sound of Freedom’ made its theatrical debut on July 4th. It is based on the true story of a former government agent who saved children from sexual traffickers in Colombia. The film’s exceptional performance at the box office might be the reason for the digital release delay.

Sound of Freedom
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The latest reports suggest that ‘Sound of Freedom,’ as reported by Box Office Mojo, has earned a total of $210.5 million worldwide. Considering that the film is still being shown in theaters, this total is expected to increase eventually.

It’s possible that Angel Studios has opted to enhance the film’s special performance to maximize its box office earnings. Particularly, the theater release of ‘Sound of Freedom’ has recently started worldwide.

This delay in the online release date benefits movie enthusiasts who prefer the big-screen experience, as ‘Sound of Freedom‘ is still being showcased in cinemas.

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