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DC has been planning to rejuvenate its universe for quite some time now. Alongside this, there are significant changes happening within the studio as well. One of these changes culminates in ‘The Flash Alternate Ending’ Keep reading to find out more.

The Flash movie has been on the radar for the longest time. Fans are eager to know when the film will hit the screens. Well, as DC plans to revamp things for itself, there are three endings in contention to be showcased in the film. Fans were taken aback when it was revealed that the studio opted for the most popular among them all. Let’s dive into what these three endings are and what DC ultimately chose as the new direction.

Three Different Endings for The Flash Movie by DC: The Flash Alternate Ending

Ending 1: Barry Meets Supergirl and Keaton’s Batman Takes On Keaton’s Batman

In the original ending, an epic courtroom scene was envisioned where Barry meets Supergirl (Sasha Calle) and Michael Keaton’s Batman takes on Keaton’s Batman. This conclusion would have revealed the intricacies of time, flipped their previous destinies, and highlighted Barry’s failure in restoring the original DCEU timeline. Moreover, it would have paved the way for Keaton’s Batman to appear in upcoming DC projects, including the now-canceled Batgirl film.

The Flash Alternate Ending
The Flash Alternate Ending (image credits: google)

Ending 2: Cavill’s Superman and Gadot’s Wonder Woman Cameo

An alternative ending aimed to bid farewell to Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman from the main DCEU timeline. However, plans shifted due to leadership and creative direction changes post-merger. Nonetheless, a scene was shot featuring Cavill’s Superman and Gadot’s Wonder Woman alongside Keaton’s Batman and Supergirl, hinting at the ongoing disruption of the established timeline continuity.

Ending 3: Clooney’s Batman Revealed in Courtroom

Finally, the third and chosen ending presents an intriguing twist. Barry, believing he has fixed things, encounters George Clooney’s Bruce Wayne in the courtroom instead of Batfleck. While this choice might not have pleased all fans, it stands as a symbol of the DC franchise reboot and emphasizes a departure from the previous Batman portrayals. This lighthearted twist among the officials signifies a new direction for the DC Universe.

The Flash Alternate Ending
The Flash Alternate Ending (image credits: google)

As mentioned, the studio went for the third ending, which involves incorporating scenes with George Clooney. Upon this news breaking, fans expressed disappointment with the ending options. While the decision to cast Clooney appears promising, there are other factors that do not sit well with fans. Rest assured, we’ll keep this section updated with more information on DC’s upcoming projects.

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