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The rejuvenation of The Peripheral Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video has been canceled, marking the end of the sci-fi series.

“Cancellation of Periphera Season 2: Impact of Hollywood Strikes and Series’ Unexpected End”

Renewals are often put on hold during Hollywood writers and actors’ strikes, and sources attribute the halt of progression with Season 2 of Peripheral to work stoppages. Prime Video had launched the second season in February, almost two months after the completion of its first (and now only) season.

“Hollywood Strikes’ Effect: Why “Peripheral” Season 2 Renewal Got Canceled”

The Peripheral Season 2
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This series is the first show to have its renewal canceled due to strikes. Pre-production for Season 2 had commenced in May when the writers went on strike demanding better deals from studios and streamers. The actors’ union, SAG-AFTRA, called for their strike in mid-July.

Based on William Gibson’s novel and produced by Scott B. Smith, Peripheral is set in a near-future world and follows Closer Grace Morris as she navigates a clandestine relationship with an alternate reality. Executives Joy and Nolan spearheaded the series, stemming from their overall deal signed with Warner Bros. TV and Amazon Studios in 2019.

Insiders had initially told The Hollywood Reporter that Peripheral would return for a second season, making its cancellation somewhat surprising. The development of the series was spearheaded by Amazon Studios’ former head of scripted programming, Sharon Tal Yguado, who played a crucial role in bringing Joy and Nolan to the streaming giant. The executive order was given at the beginning of the same year, with the series receiving a formal order in late 2019.

“The Unique Case: “Peripheral” Becomes First Show Canceled Due to Industry Strikes”

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The cost for the first eight-episode season of Peripheral was $140 million. The renewal for Season 2 was on hold for some time, with sources noting that the streamer had only taken six options, described as a symptom of viewer’s reduced engagement. In April, an insider had told T.H.R., “It would be great if [Amazon] were to lose the political capital with Lisa and Jonah [by canceling the show]. And their other shows are coming too. Video game adaptation Fallout, Nolan and Joy’s next expected show, is still undetermined.

Smith worked on Peripheral as a writer and as an executive producer alongside creators Joy, Nolan, director Vincenzo Natali, Athena Wickham, and Steven Hoban.

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