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The documentary series “Deep vs Hard” has now been released on Netflix, and discussions about the documentary series are gaining momentum. The director revealed the motivations behind creating this series.

Directed by Emma Cooper, “Deep vs Hard” was first released on Netflix today. Ever since the announcement of the documentary series, people from all walks of life have formed opinions about it. The widespread discussions surrounding the series indicate the emotional investment that the general public has made in this matter. During a recent interview, the director discussed her genuine reasons for creating this series and her interest in crafting a compelling narrative.

Emma Cooper’s Intentions Behind “Deep vs Hard”

Deep vs Hard
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In an interview with variety, Cooper disclosed that since the release of the trailer for the series at the end of July, she had to cut off her communications due to the controversial nature of her documentary series. However, according to the director, she had expected this reaction. Due to the contentious nature of her docu-series, both the supporters of “Deep” and “Hard” were equally surprised by the level of outrage. In a playful tone, the director mentioned, “You know, it’s a balanced level of hate. I take pride in it being quite 50/50.” She discussed her process of engagement, where she mentioned, “It was essential for me to watch the live feed and then discuss it with my friends and see what everybody was saying on social media.”

Cooper felt that she was part of a “cultural and societal event.” She admitted that her intention was to create a solid and intriguing depiction without relying on interviews or experts. The commentary on YouTube, TikTok videos, and general discourse on social media play a significant role in the analysis of “Deep vs Hard.” The director of “The Mystery of Merlin Monroe: The Unheard Tapes” asked whether the same behavior would be applied to a woman in such a situation. She remarked, “In an ideal world, if there isn’t a publicly equal treatment of women, it’ll cease to exist very soon. I’m not naive about that.”

Johnny Depp or Beloved Pirate of the Seas

Emma Cooper raised the question about the star power that might influence officers or judges knowingly or unknowingly. She elaborated, “However, in my opinion, Johnny Depp commands immense fame – he stands as a colossal star. His fans think they’re watching the beloved pirate of the seas [in court], and they adore him.” The seasoned director believed this case was “exceptional” because there were numerous people in their 60s who loved him and the characters he portrayed on screen. She included, “In case there’s any additional aspect, it truly embodies the influence of Hollywood.

Meanwhile, amidst this, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have moved forward from this case, with both stars having new projects lined up for the entire year.

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