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For several years, Tom Cruise followed the controversial religion of Scientology. But now, he has left it behind.

For years, Tom Cruise was synonymous with Scientology, but recent reports suggest a seismic shift. It appears that the Hollywood superstar has distanced himself from the faith, even though he resides in Britain. Cruise’s association with Scientology has stirred controversy and conspiracy theories over time. Apart from Cruise, additional prominent individuals such as John Travolta, Nancy Cartwright, and Elizabeth Moss have found themselves associated with the Scientology movement. Currently, Cruise is basking in the success of “Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1.”

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Tom Cruise’s Silence: Is He Abandoning Scientology?

According to The Daily Star’s report, Cruise’s absence from the UK headquarters of Scientology for nearly three years has fueled speculation about his departure from the controversial religion. Despite being in the same country, Cruise hasn’t set foot in the East Grinstead-based headquarters where the organization is headquartered. This move seems to indicate that Cruise was slowly distancing himself from Scientology, which was once its poster boy.

Tom Cruise
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Tom Cruise and Scientology: Spiritual Exploration, Influence, and Belief Efforts

Scientology, which claims to understand the role of the soul in one’s own and others’ lives, raises questions about a person’s self-identity. It’s worth mentioning that Cruise was previously seen attending church services through helicopters, and his position within the ranks of Scientology was based on his faith. Allegedly, Cruise even launched a campaign in Europe to establish Scientology as a recognized religion. The influence of the religion has also left its mark on Cruise’s personal life.

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