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Dan Wootton: Amid ongoing investigations into alleged creation of a false online persona and purportedly providing financial incentives to coworkers in exchange for explicit imagery, MailOnline has temporarily suspended Dan Wootton’s column.”

Dan Wootton show on GB News.

The host of GB News, who has contributed regularly to MailOnline since 2021, has claimed to be the victim of a “witch hunt” after being charged with using a false online persona to transmit lewd photographs to men.

Wootton has denied any criminal wrongdoing but has admitted to ‘errors of judgment’ in the past.

The broadcaster, who hosted Dan Wootton Tonight program on GB News on Thursday night without referencing the suspension, previously dismissed the allegations on his show as ‘completely untrue’ and a ‘campaign to destroy my life.’

The Sun, which last month first published the allegations, includes claims of inappropriate behavior, as well as claims of payment for explicit images and videos, which he edited the column for The Sun.

Dan Wootton
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Following the claims, publishers of MailOnline and The Sun said they were investigating the allegations against the New Zealand-born star.

A spokesperson for MailOnline’s publisher, DMG Media, said on Thursday: “We are continuing to consider a series of allegations, which Dan Wootton – who has written a column for MailOnline as one of several external freelance contributors since 2021 – has strongly denied.

“The allegations are clearly serious but are also complex and historic, and a thorough and independent investigation by a media group is ongoing into his conduct during the relevant period.

“During this period of investigation, Dan Wootton’s freelance contribution to MailOnline has been put on hold.”

The Sun has appointed lawyers to help with the investigation of the claims.

In a letter written to the Culture, Media, and Sport Committee earlier this week, the newspapers said: “We are investigating relevant issues raised by reports from The Guardian and The Times last week. We have appointed Kingsley Napley for assistance.

“We take these allegations seriously but have no commitment to further comment pending the conclusion of our investigation.”

A spokesperson for The Sun told on Thursday, “We are investigating the recent allegations. At this juncture, we are unable to provide any additional remarks or elaboration.”

On the 29th of June, MailOnline released Wootton’s most recent column.

The Guardian claims that it has evidence that Wootton pretended to be a person named Martin Branning and that two complainants made criminal complaints to Metropolitan Police.

Following the publication of the allegations, Scotland Yard said: “In June 2023, Metropolitan Police received allegations of sexual offenses committed by one person.

Law enforcement officials are currently evaluating the data to determine if any unlawful activities have transpired. There is currently no police investigation.”

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